5 tips for a wealthy person

5 tips for a wealthy person Have you ever heard of Pascal's wager?It seems to be, as if some mathematician or accountant decided to bet a large amount on the fact that he would one day become rich.Yes, and that he would win the lottery and get a fortune-this is the bet, you understand the rules of organized sports betting.But, alas, in the betting market there are no such things as mega-tips and betting markets, and therefore the mathematician cannot accurately calculate the amount of his winnings.In this article, we will talk about how to protect your money from the "toxic" effects of a weak economy and a falling currency, how to maximize your savings and how to invest them profitably. Toxic effects have become more and more frequent over the past year.Tens of millions of people in our country have lost their jobs and incomes. In March alone, at the height of the General panic, there were already 30 suicides in the country.Tens of millions more people will be affected by the crisis. Tens of millions more people around the world will suffer from the consequences of the crisis. In this article, we will talk about how a wealthy person should behave — so that not a single person is affected by the crisis, and so that everyone is protected from its devastating consequences. How rich people behave over a long period of time is determined by several factors: 1) their attitude to moneyA wealthy person is a "property"holder. This is their profession, their skill, their investment and financial capital.A poor person is "an investor", they are afraid to invest. A rich person is " a pirate" — they are bold and boldly go where no one has gone before. A poor person lives "as she sees fit", and therefore does not change anything in their financial life.Only through active participation in the process of "making" your wealth — this is how you gain financial freedom.2) Temporary unemploymentBecoming rich is not a big deal. You can become a millionaire at any time.You just need to make a little effort, and then be sure to talk to your future self-made millionaire. In our culture, it is not a big deal to be rich. It is a powerful "wind in the teeth" that pushes people into the arms of the "tidal wave" of bad news that has engulfed us all.It is better to survive difficult times "on fumes" than to lose your business and the usual level of income.3) Pornography and other harmful materialsThis is not a private matter at all. This is a central part of our daily lives.We consume entertainment and knowledge that brings us happiness. And sometimes it is necessary to release these "victims" of the good events that "keep" us company.4) Smoking and dangerous drugsTake the very first